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Crystals Karaoke Puerto Banus Marbella

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Crystals Karaoke Puerto Banus Marbella

Cocktail Terrace & Karaoke.

Located in the heart of Puerto Banus, Marbella, this is the best Karaoke Bar you are going to find for miles! Crystal’s Karaoke Bar is the perfect venue to celebrate any event including Hen parties, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Stag Do’s & Girls night out in Marbella, but of course anyone wanting to come along and belt out a tune is welcome! With affordable and quality drinks served and over 400,000 songs to choose from we will make sure your night out in Puerto Banus, Marbella, becomes one you will never forget!

Puerto Banus is where the Jet Set of Marbella comes to party and strut their stuff, and even in Crystal’s Karaoke Bar we have received many such high profile guests enjoying a fun night out with their friends, singing songs and dancing the night away.

The confortable and cozy atmosphere in our friendly bar makes everyone feel welcome and at ease.

The bar boasts an amazing state of the art sound system for Karaoke lovers and regular live entertainment. On our terrace we serve delicious cocktails all year round.

Have a special anniversary coming up? Your birthday perhaps or office party? What about hen parties and stag do’s? Were you left with the organization? Call us today on ………… and let us look after your event. You can hire our venue for a private party or just book a large area so your invited guests are sure to have a seat in our busy Karaoke Bar.

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Crystal's Banus

Адрес: Calle Ribera, 2I, 29660 Marbella, Málaga, Испания.
Телефон: +34 664 78 28 11

Акция: Универсальная караоке база PRO из 71093 песен, всего за 1000 евро. Для любой ОС / Для любого караоке плеера купить сейчас
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